Trans Dispatcher Sr-Trans Dispatcher Prin at American Electic Power

IT/Software Development
American Electic Power
New Albany, OH
This job is no longer available

This position is posted in a range of Transmission Dispatcher Sr.-Transmission Dispatcher Prin.
Note: Education and/or experience will be used to determine the appropriate salary and salary grade level.

Position Summary:

Assist, with limited instruction, in the safe and efficient operation of the transmission system. Coordinate operation of the transmission system with the appropriate System Control entity (AEP SCC or ERCOT), Distribution Dispatching Centers/Authorities, and Transmission Dispatching Centers/Authorities (both internal and external to AEP). Arrange, approve, and direct routine and emergency switching/tagging operations for equipment removal/restoration during maintenance, repair, replacement, and construction with limited instruction. Receive, record, and maintain logs of operating conditions. Monitor system voltages, transformer/line/equipment loadings, and in concert with the AEP SCC or ERCOT as applicable, apply corrective action when these parameters deviate from equipment ratings and/or operating limits. Monitor the operation of metering and communication facilities and initiate corrective action upon malfunction.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Assist in monitoring and regulating system voltage levels, real and reactive power flows for the transmission system at all transmission voltage levels in cooperation with directives of the AEP SCC or ERCOT, where applicable.

  2. Assist in the real-time operation of the AEP transmission system in coordination with the AEP SCC or ERCOT (as applicable) and appropriate neighboring utilities.

  3. Prepare switching orders listing the switching steps and safety tagging to be carried out for the removing of equipment from service for maintenance, repair, or construction, ensuring the safety of the public, Company equipment, Company personnel and contract personnel.

  4. Assist in directing switching operations under emergency conditions. Plan and direct actions to quickly, safely and effectively restore equipment and customers to service.

  5. Maintain a log of events and transactions relative to the operation of the facilities and equipment.

  6. Assist in operating the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System and associated functions.

  7. Monitor the operation of metering and communications facilities and report malfunctions to proper personnel for corrective action.

  8. Monitor the weather information system for severe weather and notify proper personnel.

  9. Acknowledging and inputting records of station entry/exit activity.