Instructional Coach at Lee County School District

Lee County School District
Dennis Elementary School Fort Myers, FL
This job is no longer available



Assist the Teaching and Learning Support Team to foster professional learning communities using data teams, classroom walk-through, peer observation, and action research. Assist teachers in developing, testing, and implementing research based instructional strategies that will increase student achievement. Use, analyze, and reflect on formative assessment data to improve teaching and learning. Reports to the school principal and Executive Director of Instruction.




The Instructional Coach will assist the building leadership team and classroom teachers with:


Facilitation of school data teams.


Gathering, analyzing, and interpretation of data.


Facilitate and promote a system of standards based instruction.


Facilitate identification of subject area/grade level power standards.


Coordinate the development and application of common formative and standardized assessments.


Promote and coordinate the implementation of research based instructional strategies.


Promote non-fiction writing across the curriculum to increase student achievement.


Assist with planning school improvement and professional development.


Coordinate data team meetings through scheduling and creation of necessary documents such as agendas, minutes, and necessary data.


Promote the utilization of action research, common formative assessments, and summative assessments to adjust classroom instruction.


Facilitate and adjust individual student achievement based on progress monitoring of data.


Maintain a school “data wall”, and a district data wall for assigned school.


Data analysis around literacy, math and science instruction. The instructional coach will gather and provide staff with the school data and assist them with its analysis and interpretation.


Coaching is non-evaluative, learning relationship between an instructional coach and a teacher with the goal of learning together, thereby improving instruction and student achievement.


Work with individual teachers in developing “Research based Instructional Strategies” planning.


Teach model lessons where appropriate.


Gives professional development focused on instructional technology and models the instructional technology within the professional development.


Observe classroom teaching.


Teach lessons side by side with teachers.


Conduct collaborative conversations with teachers. (Conferences)


Facilitate mutual problem solving to assist teachers in implementing and mastering new teaching practices.


Implement other approved instructional coaching strategies.


Work with the new teacher induction program mentoring the new teachers at assigned school and presenting instructional strategies to them.


Meet regularly with principals to coordinate instructional activities related to the district and school improvement plans


Meet regularly with Teaching and Learning Support Team to align activities and plan according to improvement goals.


Coordinate the development and application of common formative assessments.


Promote and coordinate the implementation of research based instructional strategies.


Facilitate and promote a system of standards based instruction and proficiency based assessment.


Support para-professionals based on identified needs.


Active member of school improvement team.


Assist the principal in creating a calendar for school wide professional development (PD) that is directly related to school and district improvement plans.


Facilitate PD activities by presenting directly to staff or scheduling individuals to present activities to staff, other schools or individuals as needed.


Coordinate activities and scheduling of school and district trained staff in targeted PD such as (but not limited to) the integration of technology, SIOP, and differentiated instruction.


Coordinate school wide efforts in creating a common system of classroom walkthroughs.




Education and Experience:


Education and experience as required by state certification authorities.  Minimum of three years of

successful classroom teaching experience. Minimum of one year of school leadership experience. (Reading Coach, Testing Coordinator, Site Council, School Improvement Team, Head Teacher, etc.) Excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to work positively and cooperatively with others.




Knowledge of the policies, procedures and activities of the school District which pertain to the specific duties and responsibilities of the position.  Knowledge in the methods for developing lesson plans and materials, and classroom activities which stimulate learning.  Knowledge of the records, forms and reports which must be prepared and maintained.  Knowledge of proper maintenance of equipment, materials and supplies used in daily activities. Knowledge of counseling methods necessary for handling student academic and adjustment problems.  Knowledge of the materials and information which must be prepared for classroom instructional activities. Knowledge of and experience with effective instruction and assessment.




Ability to provide instruction to students through explanation, demonstration and/or supervised practice.  Ability to supervise students and maintain order in various classroom and instructional activities and situations.  Ability to operate general office equipment in the performance of daily activities.  Ability to prepare lesson plans, tests, and instructional materials for classroom activities.  Ability to identify student adjustment and/or academic problems, provide counseling and/or recommend appropriate remedial action to parents.  Ability to communicate effectively with teachers and their students, District staff, and all other groups involved in the activities of the job.




Working Conditions:


Conducts duties in a classroom environment with some exposure to environmental conditions.  Requires ability to work under a degree of stress related to duties that require constant attention and working with students.  Physical demands are restricted to classroom work requiring the lifting/moving of items weighing up to 25 pounds.  Occasional local travel is required; no overnight travel is required.  Job requires the operation of standard office equipment.