Ruth's Chris Steak House - Dishwasher / Steward at Desert Island Restaurants

Food Services/Hospitality
Desert Island Restaurants
Koloa, HI
This job is no longer available
POSITION SUMMARY: To assist in the set-up, operation and cleanup of the interior and exterior of the restaurant; washes, stores and stocks all plateware, glassware, eating utensils, cups, bowls, pots, pans and other smallwares and equipment for the restaurant. Correctly cleans and maintains the dishwashing machine. Keeps dish machine area clean and sanitary.

This is a non-exempt hourly position.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: (Key Tasks and Responsibilities)

 Reports to work as indicated on the work schedule and in the correct uniform. Uniform meets restaurant requirements and is maintained clean. Practices positive personal hygiene and cleanliness habits during all work shifts.

 Must be able to work various shifts including nights and weekends.

 Cleans front of the house areas, as assigned. These areas include but are not limited to, floors, bar floors/mats, windows, trashcans and restrooms, prior to opening of the restaurant.

 Clans and performs routine maintenance to the exterior of the building according to the housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance schedule established by the Kitchen and other managers.

 Sets up and breaks down dish machine, including arms, screens, and baskets on a daily basis. Cleans and polishes machine thoroughly.

 Checks dish machine to be sure it is operating correctly and immediately reports any defects to a member of the management team.

 Washes, stores and stocks all plateware, glassware, eating utensils, cups, bowls, pots, pand and other smallwares and equipment to ensure sufficient quantities are on hand to meet the needs of the business.

 Checks, on a frequent basis, the water temperature of the dish machine during dishwashing operation to ensure correct temperature.

 Removes trash from the dishroom and kitchen and places in dumpster regularly throughout the shift. Cleans and sanitizes trash cans and keeps clean liners in cans at all times.

 Checks, removes and replaces full linen bags regularly throughout the shift.

 Assists front and back of the house personnel in “spot” cleaning floors, carpeting, walls and other furnishings in order to maintain a safe and pleasing environment for our employees and guests.

 Assists all restaurant personnel in storing food, equipment, supply, smallwares and other stock items received in the restaurant.

 Maintains the highest degree of cleanliness and sanitation for work area to include counter tops, refrigeration units, floors, walls and shelving.

 Accomplishes all job duties while adhering to all safety guidelines and practices throughout the shift. Immediately reports any unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, accidents and/or injuries to the Kitchen Manager or Manager on Duty.

 Correctly completes all station closing duties at the end of each shift. Assists Kitchen Manager and other kitchen personnel in accomplishing closing duties and kitchen cleanliness.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Minimum qualifications needed to perform essential job functions)

 Must be able to constantly bend, stoop, lift and carry dish racks, trashcans, linen bags and other items weighing up to 75 pounds.

 Must be able to constantly stand and exert well-paced mobility for a period up to four hours in length.

 Must be able to communicate effectively and listen attentively to supervisors and fellow employees.

 Subject to wet floors, temperature extremes, smoke, dust and loud noise.