Head Football Coach/Teacher at Aberdeen School

Aberdeen School
Aberdeen, MS



Description of Position

The Head Football Coach provides each enrolled student of secondary age an opportunity to participate in football program in a manner that will foster physical skills, a sense of worth and competence.


Area of Responsibility

Duties include but not limited to the following:

  • Provide for coaching and conditioning of all team members
  • Establish and maintain appropriate training rules
  • Provide for the medical screening of all student athletes
  • Ensure that medical screening of all students is performed
  • Ensure that Parents’ Consent forms are on file in the athletic office
  • Ensure that student’s insurance forms are on file and submitted in a timely manner when needed
  • Oversee the junior high football program to coordinate and bring basic program consistency in grades 7-12
  • Supervise team members’ appearance and behavior
  • Provide for care of equipment and supervision of field house and weight room
  • Supervise selection and training of student managers
  • Supervise collection and inventory of equipment upon close of an athletic season
  • Provide leadership in directing high school and junior high school coaches
  • Submit appropriate work order forms for all work to be done on fields or in athletic buildings
  • Cooperate with the administration to operate athletic program as part of the total instructional program
  • Ensure that no special privileges are provided for athletes with regard to curriculum and the instructional programs
  • See that every injury is properly taken care of and reported to appropriate administrators and to parents
  • Have thorough knowledge of athletic policies approved by the School Board and is responsible for implementation of those policies


Supervisory/Program Areas

Coaches and assistant coaches



  • Proper certification by SDE
  • Successful coaching experience


Reports to the

High School Principal


Term of Employment

187 days