Civil Engineer from GENCO Systems

Job Type
Full Time, Employee
GENCO Systems
Indian Springs, NV 89018
Shall be capable of completely accomplishing the job functions of the PWS (given below) with little oversight or assistance from others and shall meet all of the following education and experience requirements:

1. Bachelor of Science (BS) or higher degree in Engineering or Civil Engineering from an accredited university or college.

2. Five (5) or more years of recent experience  performing civil engineering duties, such as planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures and/or facilities.

3. Professional Engineer (PE) certification.

Job Functions:
To serve as a professional civil engineer, performing operations and maintenance (O&M) engineering duties in support of a military installation. 

  • Performs O&M engineering involving design and construction that encompasses the maintenance, repair, upgrade, and operation of infrastructure facilities, including utility systems, utilizing a professional knowledge of civil engineering. Regularly inspects/surveys facilities to identify deficiencies for incorporation into the infrastructure maintenance plan to counteract the aging of infrastructure facilities/utilities. Prepares layouts, design considerations, and specifications. Reviews architecture and engineer (A&E) contract and in-house designs for future construction/renovations/improvements to determine structural compatibility, maintainability, and functionality.
  • Provides civil engineering support to trades and crafts shops. Provides civil engineering assistance on solving current job problems and in-shop planning. Provides oversight/assistance in the determination of the requirements and frequencies for the Recurring Work Program (RWP). Provides civil engineering review and oversight of service/maintenance contracts as required. Coordinates projects with other engineers in other disciplines or with architects. Applies knowledge of other disciplines to determine coordination required to ensure all design considerations have been addressed. Keeps abreast of emerging technologies to ensure programmed development will not prematurely become obsolete. Uses computers/computer software such as information management programs, computer aided design and drafting (CADD) programs, and project tracking programs to solve engineering problems and facilitate work. Keeps current on relevant software applications. In conjunction with the primary duty of maintenance engineering, on a less frequent basis performs work in the construction management, design, and/or programming/base development functions.
  • Monitors/manages construction projects for new construction, renovations, and improvements to real property facilities from start to finish including the performance of preconstruction site surveys all the way to completion of as-built drawings. Performs requirements programming in support of base development for O&M, military construction programs (MCP), non-appropriated fund (NAF), military family housing (MFH), etc. to include validating requirements, performing economic analyses, and coordinating with the installation facilities board.
  • Prepares/reviews designs for a variety of real property facilities construction projects, determining the design criteria, putting together cost estimates and time schedules, preparing A&E statements of work, etc. Complies with health, safety, and environmental rules and procedures and performs work in a manner that enhances the safety of the work environment. Ensures federal, state, and local codes concerning health, safety, and the environment are strictly adhered to in the programming, design, and construction of real property facilities.