Retail Assistant Manager, Glacier National Park, Summer 2019 at Xanterra Travel Collection

IT/Software Development
Xanterra Travel Collection
Glacier National Park, MT

Retail Assistant Managers work directly with the support staff and location managers to operate their store on a daily basis. They ensure that the highest standards of retail service are met for the guests, the company, and the National Park Service. In conjunction with the Gift Shop or Campstore manager, they are responsible for directly overseeing all activity at their store. They must provide professional guest service in a teamwork oriented, fast-paced environment, and must be able to perform the physical duties required for operation.  This seasonal position has varied dates depending on work location.


This position includes free room and board in company housing. Expect to work between 40-48 hours a week and be flexible in terms of schedule needs.

  1. Provide and ensure excellent guest service by adhering to Xanterra’s Mission Statement, Hospitality Standards and Core Values.
  2. Maintain a professional and guest-oriented atmosphere in a high-volume retail environment.
  3. Provide initial and ongoing training to all retail associates throughout the season.
  4. Ensure that all retail employees are performing their duties properly.
  5. Maintain a cooperative working relationship with other departments, including Location Managers and department heads.
  6. Must be able to perform all duties required of a sales associate.
  7. Demonstrate and train good sales techniques by performing suggestive selling and add-on sales.
  8. Ensure the sales floor is kept presentable at all times in regards to safety and guest perception.
  9. Ensure that accurate and helpful information is given to guests at all times.
  10. Alert the Retail Operations Manager to shrinkage, guest problems and concerns as necessary. 
  11. Maintain accurate shop records: reports, transfers, payroll and inventory control.
  12. Receive direct deliveries from suppliers and process the necessary documentation.  Make certain that paperwork is routed correctly and in a timely manner, and that all staff members are trained to do the same in their absence.
  13. Responsible for supervising and developing gift shop personnel.
  14. Work directly with vendor representatives to order product, report shrinkage, and manage inventory levels to provide consistency in stock availability.
  15. Responsible for ordering operating supplies from the Warehouse.
  16. Ensure that registers are routinely cleaned.  Report all register issues promptly. 
  17. Comply with Xanterra’s Environmental Management Systems (Ecologix) and look for ways to improve the impact your job has on the environment.
  18. If placed at a Campstore the following responsibilities apply:
    1. Work with the entire store to track expiration dates of products and follow health safety protocols.
    2. Operate and maintain all food and beverage equipment.
    3. Responsible for ordering operating supplies and food/beverage items from the Warehouse.
    4. Responsible for ordering grocery and vendor-supplied items regularly.
    5. Complies with all state laws and Xanterra’s policies regarding the sale of Tobacco and Alcohol.
  19. Any other duties as assigned.



  1. Must have basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office programs.
  2. Must have retail experience, including cash handling and sales history.
  3. The ability to accurately handle cash per our cash handling policies.
  4. Must be comfortable with constant guest interaction; utilizes problem-solving abilities while maintaining positive and professional demeanor.
  5. Preferred experience with Raymark.
  6. Able to perform all duties of a Sales Associate and Lead Associate.
  7. Able to coach employees to maintain high and consistent standards in the gift shop.
  8. Understanding of a fast paced seasonal retail operation.
  9. Should have a basic knowledge and understanding of souvenirs, gifts, jewelry and other products sold within the assigned location.
  10. Must be able to pass the approved ServSafe Training Program at certain locations.
  11. Able to work with minimal supervision.  Must maintain excellent attendance and punctuality.
  12. Demonstrate awareness of general gift shop security and theft prevention. 
  13. Driver’s License Preferred.


  1. Able to stand/walk for a minimum eight-hour shift.
  2. Frequently lift and carry cartons weighing up to 50 lbs.
  3. Carry boxes/product up and down stairs or stepladders at most locations several times a day.
  4. Must be able to bend down or kneel to stock product frequently during a shift.
  5. Must know how to safely operate a hand-truck to assist in moving heavy items.