Yelm-District Network Technician 2018-19 at Yelm Community Schools

IT/Software Development
Yelm Community Schools
Yelm, WA
Required Attachments:
Cover Letter
2 Classified Reference Forms and/or Letters
HS Diploma &Transcripts or Equivalent & Transcripts


8 hours per day
260 days per year

Purpose Statement
The job of District Network Technician was established for the purpose/s of , managing LAN /WAN performance and maintaining network security; installing, maintaining  monitoring and operation management of the Local and Wide Area networks(s) (including LAN, WAN, WLAN, Firewall, , Voice, Domain(s) and Application Servers); administering District Domain(s), Active directory and Traffic Control Servers; ensuring data and network security; maintaining user access and District data on local server(s); designing solutions and evaluating vendor hardware, software and telecommunications equipment; recommending purchases consistent with District's short and long term objectives; Recommending and implementing LAN policies and standards; ensuring adherence to security procedures; maintaining contact with outside organizations in the maintenance, service and/or purchase of network equipment; overseeing the server room operation, MDF/IDFs at all district sites; and providing technical support to District and technical staff.
This job is distinguished from similar jobs by the following characteristics:  A degree in a computer-related science, MCSE  or equivalent training and work experience is required. Two years of professional experience administering a multiple domain/ active directory environment required. Experience configuring and managing network firewalls, traffic control equipment, switches and routers required. Experience in enterprise deployment for virus protection, power mgmt and backup solutions.  Nortel BCM experience preferred.
This job reports to Director of Technology.
Agency: Yelm Community Schools - Administration Building