Stewards-Individual Placement-Varying Locations at Conservation Legacy

Conservation Legacy
Varies, CO 81301

Stewards General Job Description


10 weeks 1 year positions


Throughout the United States

Living Allowance

$200 - $500 a week, health insurance provided if desired for year-long positions

AmeriCorps Award

Service Interns are eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the program. Value of the education award is between $1,230- $5,815.


Must be 18 years and older

Start Date

Position are available year-round, but the majority are during the summer months

Specific training

In-person training for all trainees, hands-on work experience

Application Due Date

Applications taken through-out the year

Conservation Legacy (CL) has a variety of individual placement programs throughout the country. These programs engage and place individuals into positions with federal, state and local management agencies and environmentally focused non-profits. Stewards complete one or more projects focused on natural resource management, inventory, assessment, restoration, and/or protection. Stewards may also help with outreach and education activities focused on environmental education and environmental stewardship. CL and partner sites provide opportunities for professional development and training as related to the specific position the Steward is engaged in. Stewards are responsible for their own housing unless otherwise indicated by a specific project partner.

Stewards are generally expected to spend between 36-40 hours a week completing environmental service projects, education sessions, and/or trainings. Positions that are primarily field based may require overnights in the field. In addition to service projects, education and training, members will also be asked to complete basic reporting requirements on a timely basis.

Stewards are placed and serve in locations throughout the country. Project partners include the National Park Service, National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Office of Surface Mining, Bureau of Reclamation, US Fish, Wildlife Service, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and community based non-profits and local watershed organizations.

Required Skills

General Qualifications
Commitment Stewards must make a strong commitment to complete all aspects of the program including environmental service projects, professional development, education training and other community activities that may arise.

Safety -You will be expected to take a serious attitude toward safety all day and every day.

Substance Free In accordance to a drug free workplace, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited while participating in any CL or CL partner activities.

Fitness Stewards may be expected to complete projects that involve heavy lifting, hiking, and living outdoors for an extended period of time.

Citizenship Stewards must be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident

Criminal History Stewards must pass a criminal history check as prescribed by the Serve America Act. Projects rarely involve providing education or other human services to the public and are designed not to have recurring access to vulnerable populations, but if they do additional criminal history checks may be necessary.

Required Experience

Dependent on placement.