Clinical Laboratory Scientist at the Wind River Service Unit - Fort Washakie, WY at Global Empire LLC

Global Empire LLC
Fort Washakie, WY
Global Empire, LLC (GHG) is a Healthcare Staffing Company specialized in providing reliable and qualified healthcare professionals for Government contracts nationwide. 

We are seeking a Clinical Laboratory Scientist for a contract position at the Wind River Service Unit, PHS Indian Health Center, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming

Available Position: Temporary nursing services - Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

Place of Performance: New Hampshire Veterans Home, 139 Winter Street, Tilton, NH 03276
Work Schedule: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm on an as-needed basis each week. The schedule shall be coordinated monthly or quarterly with the Lab Supervisor.
Period of Performance: Five (5) years

SCOPE: The contractor shall provide all services in the laboratory of a general medical clinic, with responsibility for performing a variety of procedures including standard and complex tests and chemical analysis of body fluids in Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Microbiology, Coagulation, and Serology.
  • Contractor will accept and coordinate Medical Staff requests for performance of lab/x-ray services normally provided at WRSU. These services assist the Medical Staff in evaluation and treatment of patients seen at the WRSU.
  • Specific Laboratory duties include patient reception, phlebotomy and performance of urinalysis, hematology, coagulation, chemistry, bacteriology and serology testing, to include utilization of any automation and all quality control and quality assurance requirements required by COLA accreditation standards.
  • Performance of Laboratory testing must meet proficiency testing and accreditation standards. Requires skills in use of RPMS software
The purpose of the work is to operate the lab/x-ray section of the ambulatory care clinic to provide accurate and substantive examinations/tests for the medical staff in appropriately diagnosing and treating various diseases and trauma states, or in providing good preventative medical care. The work involves performing a full range of standardized chemical analyses/tests/exams, using various complex instruments/reagents, following established policies and procedures. The work efforts affect the accuracy, reliability and acceptability of the services provided by the laboratory/radiology department for the immediate medical community.  

Primary personal contacts with the user population, to include all ages with various disease states, illnesses, deformities, injuries or handicaps.  Other major contacts are with other Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Radiologic Technicians and other support staff within the lab/x-ray department, with other clinic and administrative staff of the facility and Indian Health Service, and with the various vendors.  Telephone contacts with patients, vendors and other staff members are frequent.  Promoting and supporting a Quality Work Environment for all patients and staff is essential.
The purpose of personal contacts is primarily to deliver high quality laboratory/x-ray care to the service population. Factual information is exchanged as well as planning and coordination work with others. Methodological problems and possible solutions are discussed to clarify information wanted, to resolve operating problems and to agree upon schedules and plans.

The work is essentially sedentary, requiring long periods of standing and walking.  There is some bending and carrying of moderately heavy items such as film cassettes, film and processor chemicals.  Some lifting and assisting of elderly, handicapped or pediatric patients is required, especially with radiology patient positioning.  Manual dexterity is required for lab testing, especially maintenance and repair of sophisticated equipment. Due to space limitations, the work area is not handicapped accessible except in patient contact areas.
The work is performed in the laboratory/x-ray setting with a well-lighted and a temperature-controlled environment. Special safety precautions are required, including Universal Precautions. The work involves regular and recurring exposure to bloodborne pathogens, infectious materials and irritant chemicals. Use of personal protective gear such as lab coats, protective eyewear and protective gloves is required. There is exposure to unpleasant odors, unsightly specimens, injured patients and people in pain.
  • The practical application of the principles, theories, and accepted procedures characteristic of the profession to clinical laboratory work. 
  • Skill in calibrating, verifying, operating and troubleshooting analytical instruments sufficient to independently performing recurring test and analyses, to evaluate new methods and to make minor modifications within established guidelines (CLIA). 
  • Skills in basic operation of computers, either freestanding or attached to clinical laboratory equipment. 
  • Understanding of related disciplines such as microbiology, chemistry, physiology, anatomy and their relationship to medical technology. 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of regulatory agency regulations, including CLIA, COLA, HIPAA, AAAHC is required. Basic knowledge of the Privacy Act and other compliance laws relating to patient care is required. Judgement is required to apply these regulations to the workplace in day-to-day operations.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology/ Clinical Laboratory Science at recognized college or university. Must show a thorough understanding and knowledge of the principles, theories, techniques and practices appropriate to medical technology such as can be gained through completion of education and training equivalent.
  • License Certification: License must be ASCP or equivalent and active.
  • Candidate must have at least 36 months experience of the requested discipline.
  • Resume/CV: must include information relating to: (a) Professional Education; (b) Certifications; and (c) Previous jobs.