Communication Coordinator at 1199SEIU UHWE

Job Type
Full Time, Employee
Healthcare Services
West Case, MD 21201

Job Summary:


The Communications Coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing effective strategies for communicating with health care workers, Union members, and the public. The coordinator will develop a communications plan that will build a strong organization in the state and contribute toward the union’s overall strategic objective of building power for Maryland’s health care workers. The coordinator helps formulate the state’s goals and policies through participation in the Officers, Team and Program Coordinators Committee.


The Communications Coordinator will work with the Maryland Division Director, officers and organizers from the Division, the Division’s Political Director, and the Union’s Political Action Department to carry out his/her responsibilities and develop his/her skills.

The Communications Coordinator is supervised by the Union’s Executive Vice President for Politics and Legislation.

Job Functions:

  • Directing the Union's media outreach program, including developing proactive strategies and messages, writing and editing press releases and other materials, building relationships with reporters, responding to inquiries, planning media events, training member and staff spokespeople, and handling paid media.

  • Providing communications support for bargaining, organizing, member mobilization, and political campaigns involving health care workers.

  • Working as part of a team to develop themes, messages, literature, and other campaign materials.

  • Overseeing member communications, including editing and production of newsletters, leaflets, direct mail, and the local union's web site.

  • Working with officers and staff on special projects to encourage greater member participation in union activities, such as videos, slide shows, surveys, and conferences.

  • Developing plans, models, and systems for campaign and other union literature and providing training accordingly for union staff and members.

  • Listens effectively and gains understanding of the current campaigns, legislative priorities, and goals.

  • Reports accurately and specifically to supervisor in individual and/or group staff meetings.

  • Clearly explains effective communication strategies and methods with members and staff.

  • Effectively alerts news media to district events and issue priorities.

  • Responds accurately and promptly to inquiries from news media.

  • Interacts effectively with outside vendors to produce publications and mailings.

  • Writes effective and grammatically correct leaflets, text for publications, news releases, letters-to-the-editor, memos, and other copy.

  • Designs and edits member publications including newsletters and campaign material.

  • Provides stylistic and grammatically correct edits for pieces written by other staff.

  • Understands the importance of developing a consistent, well-developed themes and messages.

  • Works with staff and members to shape effective campaign messages.

  • Sends copies of all finished publications and public documents to the district office.

  • Keeps district photos organized and accessible.

  • Designs and implements district communication program

  • Actively and constructively participates in campaign strategy development.

  • Develops suggestions and provides guidance in developing messages and media events to support campaigns and develop programs.

  • Gathers and compiles communications models, guides, and resources for the staff resource manual.

  • Works with Education Program Coordinator to design and implement staff training plan.

  • Prepares adequately for meetings and training sessions.

  • Arrives on time to worker meetings, activities, staff meetings, etc.

  • Takes responsibility for asking for help from Supervisor and/or more experienced staff

  • Participates actively and constructively in state-wide programs and campaigns.

  • Follows all policies and procedures

  • Builds positive and respectful relationships with community and labor supporters, elected officials, and other potential coalition partners




  • Proficient with basic word processing, internet; design software capability a plus.

  • Understands the basics of web site construction and email advocacy tools.

  • Able to use Power Point projections, video, digital image technology.

  • Learns and understands fundamental rules for designing effective leaflets, newsletters and campaign materials.

  • Ability to produce files for professional printing a plus

  • Ability to maintain complete and well-organized files

  • Maintains an appropriate professional appearance

  • Follows direction and completes assigned tasks successfully and on time.


The Communications Coordinator must maintain a current driver’s license and an operable automobile and must be willing to work long and irregular hours, including nights and weekends.