Final Assembly Mechanic C-Hydraulic, 1st shift at Altec Industries, Inc.

Building Construction/Skilled Trades
Altec Industries, Inc.
Creedmoor, NC


Our Company:

Altec Inc., founded in 1929, is a privately held company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Altec specializes in the manufacture, sale and service of aerial devices, digger derricks, cranes and specialty equipment for the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, construction, and light and sign maintenance industries in more than 120 countries.

At Altec, advanced technology efforts are aimed, without exception, at helping customers work “Safer and Smarter.” Altec invests more resources than any other manufacturer in the advancement of safety, reliability, uptime and low cost of ownership.

Altec specializes in the design, manufacture, sale, and service of aerial devices, digger derricks, cranes, telecom, and specialty equipment, supporting customers in over 100 countries throughout the world.


● Customer First ● Enjoyment of Work ● Family ● Financial Stability ● Integrity ● People Are Our Greatest Strength ● Quality ● Spiritual Development ● Teamwork ●

    Follow blueprints in order to cut holes for hydraulic hosing using fabrication tools and machinery. Install and hook up hydraulic hoses after completion of the holes.       

  • Follow all safety regulations for the individual as well as other employees, including keeping the work area clean and in orderly condition as well as wearing all appropriate safety attire for the job that is being performed.
  • Inspect, operate, and test completed products to verify functioning, machine capabilities, and conformance to customer specifications.
  • Position and align components for assembly, manually or using hoists.
  • Set and verify parts clearances.
  • Rework, repair, and replace damaged parts or assemblies.
  • Read and interpret assembly blueprints and specifications manuals, and plan assembly or building operations.
  • Maintain and lubricate parts, components, and power tools.
  • Verify conformance of parts to stock lists and blueprints, using measuring instruments.
  • Fasten and install piping, fixtures, or wiring and electrical components to form assemblies or subassemblies.
  • Remove rough spots, and smooth surfaces to fit, trim, or clean parts, using hand tools and power tools.
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions, such as PTO pumps, wiring, or incorrectly installed hoses.  Use critical thinking skills to solve the malfunctions.
  • Weld brackets to chassis for hydraulic hoses.
  • Cut, thread, and hammer pipe to specifications.
  • Mount valves to trucks, using brackets, clamps, tools or welding equipment.
  • Inspect, examine, and test installed systems and pipelines, using pressure gauges, observation, or other methods.
  • Measure and mark pipes for cutting and threading.
  • Plan hose system layout and installation according to specifications.
  • Cut and bore holes in structures prior to pipe installation, using hand and power tools.
  • Modify, clean, and maintain pipe systems, units, fittings, and related machines and equipment, following specifications and using hand and power tools.
  • Cross train in other areas of final assembly including Electrical and Welding assembly.
  • Perform all duties assigned by supervisor.

High School Diploma/GED required.

  • Ability to read, write, and comprehend required.
  • Basic computer usage knowledge required.
  • Ability to read tape measures, blue prints, and schematics required.
  • Prior automotive mechanical/electrical or hydraulic experience.

• None

• Keep a clean work area (5S).
• Assist co-workers as needed.
• May participate in RCI events.
• May be required to learn Altec Programs and/or systems. 
• Shift work may be required.