Sales & Business Development Leader at Mid Cities Associates

Sales/Retail/Business Development
Job Type
Full Time, Employee
Advertising and PR Services
Mid Cities Associates
Allouez, WI 54301
We are a cutting edge Video production company offering unmatched flexibility to our client base in the Healthcare Market.

Business development is an integrated part of our team, as well as an integral part in relationship management with our client partners. Our business development team members have 3 primary responsibilities.
1) Grow our client list. This includes prospecting, research, contacting, meeting, and adding clients through “traditional” sales methods. Development team members must fully understand the existing needs and challenges – both in the market, and for each individual client – and show how we can help to meet those challenges and be a key partner in meeting an organization’s overall goals to generate ROI. (SALES)
2) Maintain and service our customer base. In conjunction with the production staff, our business development team is responsible for the strategic guidance and relationship management with their assigned base of business. We have a culture of service and partnership, and work extraordinarily hard to truly develop relationships that far exceed that of a traditional vendor. Our business development team is on the front lines of growing those relationships by bringing best practices and strategic direction to each and every client. (ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT)
3) Help to grow and define the value of our services. As a team, we work to continuously develop new process and new technologies, but we also work to better understand our clients needs and provide innovative ways to use the power of video to directly translate into an exponential ROI for our clients. (MARKETING)
Essential Functions
1. Achieve all territory sales objectives annually in alignment with the business strategy and annual compensation plan. 2. Maintain a high retention rate of current accounts within the assigned geography. 3. Display and leverage relative value with hard value supporting existing and prospective sales. 4. Build and maintain strong professional relationships with appropriate administrative staff. 5. Complete business analytics and reporting assignments in a timely and accurate fashion. 6. Conduct quarterly business reviews to exhibit achievement of sales goals. 7. Maintain awareness of competitive products and marketing practices; keep management informed.
8. Participate fully in the training and onboarding of New Hires. 9. Manage geography within allocated expense budget. Submit expense reports on time per company policy.
Economic Functions
1. Integrate economic value messages into sales proposals where appropriate. 2. Research general account context to understand respective economics and all key issues at major accounts. 3. Display and leverage strong knowledge of accounts, purchasing habits/buying cycle and protocols.

Organizational Structure
Reports to: President & CFO
Frequent communication to: Director of Production, & Production Team
Responsibility: Oversee assigned geography and / or vertical(s)
Biannual and Annual Goals

Performance Goals
1. Total quota 2. New business conversions 3. Defend base of business 4. Customer development 5. Business management (pipeline management, forecasting, etc,) 6. Business knowledge 7. Personal and professional development 8. Teamwork 9. Expense management

Core Competencies
1. Customer focus 2. Drive for results 3. Interpersonal relationships 4. Adaptability 5. Creative problem solving

Developmental Goals
1. Self-described 2. Management-described