Quality Inspector - Manufacturing Entry Level at Stratosphere Quality

Quality Assurance/Safety
Stratosphere Quality
Thomasville, GA
Quality Inspector - Manufacturing Entry Level


Entry Level Quality Inspector

Quality Inspectors work on the production flow in Inspection, Sorting and Containment as well as perform Rework & Repair Projects.

Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Using inspection, measuring and test equipment
  • Performing a full range of varied inspection tasks including visual & touch point inspection
  • Performing a full range of production related tasks as well as administrative duties related to quality project work
  • Reading and following written and verbal work instructions
  • Identifying problems and questions and reporting them to appropriate supervisor
  • Quality Inspectors in the Thomasville, GA area will be working with hand tools like wrenches, drills, volt meters regularly.

Inspectors have opportunities for advancement! We are proud to promote from within whenever possible.

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Qualified candidates will have independent and reliable transportation, possess a valid driver's license and have the ability to:


  • Use inspection, measuring and test equipment as required
  • Provide accurate and complete information for paperwork
  • Perform a full range of varied inspection- or production-related tasks as well as administrative duties.
  • Read and follow work instructions all employee policies, work rules, and directions
  • Previous experience (work or hobby) working on cars or golf carts is preferred.
  • Candidates with a basic understanding of how to assemble and disassemble various items held together by nuts and bolts will be given preference.

Meet the following Physical Requirements of the job:

  • Ability of hearing, sight, smell and touch, coupled with eye/hand coordination.
  • Extensive use of arms, hands, and fingers in the manipulation of tools, objects and controls is necessary
  • Lift a minimum of 25 lbs.
  • Walk, stand, and/or sit for an entire shift.
  • Work in repetitive environment to include one or more of the following for an entire shift: Grasp Grip, Reach, Pull, Push, Bend, Squat, Kneel or Balance.
  • Work in different climates, such as heat or cold, for an entire shift.


Pre- employment screening includes a drug screen and criminal background check.